Prolog Coffee Bar pop-up
I samarbejde med drengene fra Prolog Coffee Bar har vi udviklet et pop-up koncept hvorfra vi serverer hjemmeristet 3rd. wave specialitetskaffe og dertilhørende søde og sjove sager.   Menu   W60 Pour Over og espresso-baseret kaffe med tilbehør   Priser   Kaffe kr. 60 per person Sødt fra kr. 20 per person Emballage og engangsservice kr. 10 per person Barista kr. 1.500 Opsætning af kaffebar kr. 3.500 Transport kr. 1.500   Priserne er eksklusiv moms og ved min. 50 personer. Såfremt I er færre, tillægges et gebyr på DKK 2.500.   Video af Tim Panduro   Booking Send os en mail på   Venligst se vores handelsbetingelser nedenfor. var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":false,"data_track_addressbar":false,"data_track_textcopy":false,"ui_atversion":"300"}; var addthis_product = 'wpp-4.0.7';
Picnic at Tempelhoff
After stuffing two cars with everything from live lobster to sumo wrestling suits, we drove down to sunny Berlin, where we had pinpointed the old Flughafen Berlin-Tempelhoff, (a closed airfield in the Neukölln suburb) as our event destination. Just after we finished setting up for a picnic deluxe, our clients, who are also great friends from the Danish restaurant mastodont Madklubben, arrived happily and ready for a day out. We had planned a full day of fun, starting with lighting fires with nothing but sticks ‘medieval style’ and spontaneous ball games. As soon as the fires were lit and ready, we placed ice filled boxes of seafood, freshly baked warm breads, seasonal greens and fresh herbs, homemade dips and dressings on the grass and told them to get dirty cooking each other a tasty lunch. And as the lobsters, oysters, greens and Waygu beef sizzled away on the BBQs, people lay scattered on the landing field, sipping chilled rosé and downing local German beers straight out the bottle. Sunburned, tipsy and pleased, we finished off the day in sumo wrestling suits battling each other, all struggling to being the last man standing.
I’m a KOMBOs snapsegilde
A journal of making – DIY snaps (schnapps) Aalborg BASIS X I’m a KOMBO From nothing but alcohol in a jar to a delicious, fun and playful experience     Introduction – keeping it real short.   This summer, on the hottest day of the year, we met up with Morten and Claus from Aalborg Akvavit, – a historic Danish distillery, established in eighteen hundred and something. One hundred and fifty years after they made their first brew, they have recently launched BASIS, – a DIY product allowing the consumer to flavour their own snaps. Speaking of snaps, we had brought along two home flavoured and interactive interpretations of BASIS to make the conversation flow. A couple of shots later, we agreed on collaborating.     Syringe with essence of chili in jar lid. A social interaction design making large group of people agree on how spicy they want it before cheering)   Aalborg BASIS is a non-flavoured organic 35% alcohol base that is sold in a 50CL glass jar. The concept is that you buy one, open it up, add your flavour, reseal, subtract the flavour over time, try it as it develops, decide when it’s great and finally serve it to your friends and family. The packaging design allows the consumer to keep up with when and what you have done and write what’s added on the label. It comes with an extra lid with an integrated spout for pouring straight.   We were commissioned to do exactly this and a little more. As of December 1st 2016, we are presenting and selling our work in Prolog Coffee Bar in the Copenhagen meatpacking district.   Here is the story and recipes.     CONTENTS   FLAVOURS and NAMING   EXTRACTION PROCESS and RECIPES   PACKAGING DESIGN and SING-ALONG SONG   POPUP SHOP and OPENING TIMES   DIY and EVENTS   COLLABORATORS and THANK YOU!     FLAVOURS and NAMING   We started the project in the late summer of 2016, which gave us the possibility of spending time (about four months) extracting the flavours. You can do quicker flavouring at home (visit Aalborgs web page for inspiration). But time had made us ambitious and therefore we decided on using it as much as we could, ageing our extractions. It all began with some kids picking green walnuts.   Name : GRØN VALNØD (green walnut) Extraction of unripe walnuts picked from a tree in Northern Zealand, Denmark   Name : RÆVESOVS (sauce gravad lax) Extraction of dill stems, green coriander seeds, coriander roots from Birkemosegaard + yellow mustard and brown sugar.   Name : JULEMAND (santa) Extraction of nothing. Silver added to create snow effect when shaking.   Name : SNEMAND (snowman) Extraction of sugar and mint.   Name : COWBOY KAFFE (puncheon) Extraction of Kainamui coffee beans roasted by Prolog Coffee Bar   Name : SMØRKARAMEL (butter caramel) Extraction of organic salted butter and caramelised sugar   Name : JULETRÆ X JALAPENOS (Christmas trees and jalapeños) Extraction of pine tree needles and fermented jalapeños     EXTRACTION PROCESS and RECIPES   GRØN VALNØD   Pick and clean green walnuts (ours were picked late July) and cover with BASIS. Soon after the process has started, the liquid will turn black. Do not fear – that’s a good sign. Extract for about 3-5 months and filtrate before serving. The result should be a beautiful dark brown full-bodied snaps with flavour of walnuts.     Our recipe is as follows:   188 pcs. green walnuts 22,5 liters of BASIS   Production date : 1st of August 2016 Filtration date: 28th of November 2016   RÆVESOVS   Rævesovs, directly translated to ‘fox sauce’, is a traditional Scandinavian sauce used for dressing gravad lax. We had our friends from the organic farm Birkemosegaard (LINK) pick the dill and coriander, when the two plants were at its best in the middle of September. After cleaning, we added yellow mustard seeds and brown sugar.     Our recipe is as follows.   300 grams of dill stems 140 grams of yellow mustard 125 grams of brown sugar 85 grams of coriander roots 110g grams of green coriander seeds 21,5 litres of BASIS   Production date: 23rd of September 2016 Filtration dates: Coriander roots and seeds on the 28th of September. Mustard and dill on the 25th of November.     JULEMAND   No Christmas popup shop of any kind without Santa. Inspired by snow globes, silver is added to the snaps and Santa is placed inside. Shake and drink.     Our recipe is as follows:   Porcelain figure of Santa glued on to lid 2g of silver 0,5 litres of BASIS   Production date: 28th of November 2016 Filtration dates: –     SNEMAND   No winter without building a snowman. We have joined forces with The Danish National team of pastry and they have moulded our snowmen of glucose sugars and mint oils. The concept is that you pour on the snaps yourself and let the snowman melt.     Our recipe is as follows:   75g of glucose and sugar caramel 5 drops of peppermint 0,5 litres of BASIS   Production date: The day you pour on the snaps. Filtration date: Do not filtrate. Drink when snowman is melted.     COWBOY KAFFE   Recently we joined forces with two young guys, who were dreaming of opening a high quality coffee shop with great service. We had the space and they had talent, so soon after meeting them for the first time, we opened Prolog Coffee Bar – a tasty 3rd wave speciality coffee bar with gypsy roasting. The guys have not looked back ever since and Prolog is now one of the most wanted on the ‘must try’ coffee list of Copenhagen. One of the beans that have passed the porta filter is Ethiopian Kainamui. It’s perfect for infusion and the result is surprisingly rich and great.   Our recipe is as follows:   1 kilo of lightly roasted Kainamui coffee beans (Prolog) 24 liters of BASIS   Production date: 3rd of October 2016 Filtration date: 3rd of November 2016     SMØRKARAMEL   A few years back, we met a Parisian mixologist who had brought along a bottle of Bourbon infused with butter – it was tasty, rich and fun. When planning our flavour line, we settled on giving this a try in our snaps. Since the starting point is a neutral taste, we decided to sweeten it a bit with caramelised sugar and give it depth with extract of malt. We added this to the rich nutty flavour of browned butter, and our butter caramel snaps was born.     Our recipe is as follows:   4,5 kilo of butter / 3,6 kilo when browned 900 grams of sugar (caramelised 160 degrees Celsius) 20 grams of malt extract 0,5 litres of water 22 litres of BASIS   Butter is caramelised until golden brown and chilled to room temperature. Sugar is cooked to 160 degrees Celsius and malt and water is added. Cook it until it becomes a syrup and chill to room temperature. Pour into snaps and leave in fridge for about a month. Freeze liquid and filtrate.   Production date: 3rd of October 2016 Filtration date: 10th of November 2016     JULETRÆ X JALAPENOS   Every year in December, we sell organic Christmas trees. It’s a joyful month and we love the atmosphere that the trees and the people who come to buy them generate. We always end up with a few to spare, and last year we decided to pick off the needles and use them in our cooking. From these needles we made a fermented hot sauce made in collaboration with Copenhagen mustard and hot sauce company (LINK) and now the ‘Juletræ og Jalapeños’ snaps. A snaps with the same ingredients and aged in an oak barrel (formerly used for beer production and later for fermenting the chillies).     Our recipe is as follows:   300 grams of pine tree needles 100 grams of Acacia honey 20 litres of BASIS   Production date: 31st of August 2016 Filtration date: 28th of September 2016 Aged in cask: 12th of October – 30th of November 2016     PACKAGING DESIGN and SONG WRITING   A month before starting up the project, Maya Leroy arrived from Eindhoven Design School to be our design intern. Soon after settling in, we put her in charge of developing the packaging designs. The starting point was the 50cl. jars and basically that was the only thing left. The Aalborg logo is now combined with ours, and the labels have been removed to make space for our designs. Initially, we got dirty and we started cleaning the jars. To make it easier, we soaked the jars in a mixture of soda and warm water. Then we put them through the dishwasher and lastly we disinfected them before shipping them to Jysk Stempel for silk-screen printing. The silk-screen print leaves space for us to handwrite name, contents, alcohol percentage, production date etc. Then, a visual profile was designed for each flavour to create the final drinking experience.     Here is a short presentation of the individual ideas and initial designs:   GRØN VALNØD Two classic Aalborg Akvavit glasses are wrapped in brown paper with deep red bow and placed on top of the lid as a surprise to the customer when unwrapping at home.   RÆVESOVS The snaps is inspired by the traditional Danish salmon sauce called Rævesovs. It taste like Rævesovs, and we have hand molded a fox that is squashed (roadkill) underneath the jar. The lid is decorated with an orange vinyl sticker.   JULEMAND Santa is glued to the lid upside down and a snow globe effect is created with silver as the snow and the jar as the globe. Placed upside down.   SNEMAND In collaboration with The National Danish Pastry Team, we have designed a mint-flavoured snowman in sugar. The design is kept simple to make the craft stand out on it’s own.   COWBOY KAFFE There’s a hole for coins underneath the wax so that when you’ve finished drinking your snaps, you can peel the wax off and reuse the jar as a piggy bank to save up for another! The outer of the jar is decorated with the Prolog logo inverted, making it appear when emptying the jar.   SMØRKARAMEL   The packaging is inspired by classic candy wrapping and tells a story about the sweetness of the content.   JULETRÆ X JALAPENOS   Sticker, candle and color all refers to a Christmass tree. The snaps is infusedwith real Christmas trees and spiced up with chili and aged in oak cask. The jar is decorated with plotted vinyl sticker that looks like pine tree needles. Furthermore, we have added a Christmas tree classic to the lid, a candlestick that holds a little candle.   SHOP INTERIOR, WINDOW AND BAGS   In collaboration with Toke Design, we have developed a series of forged forks that fit in our existing display wall. Each fork is able to hold a jar lying down to create a better view of the designs and give reference to a wine cellar. The total display will hold 80 jars in rotation. When buying a bottle of snaps, you will receive an untouched BASIS, to make your own flavour and design at home. Both bottles are placed in a white paper bag stamped with QR code linking to this document and our collaborative logo.     There is no snaps or snapsegilde without a song and sing-along. In collaboration with a songwriter, we have created a fun song consisting of nine verses; an intro and outro and one customised for each flavour in between. The song will be written on the shop window and attached to each purchase and used for social media purposes.   It goes like this (DANISH) :   SNAPSEVISE   // melodi: sur sur sur   Snaps snaps snaps, Vi fra KOMBO haps Aalborg basis I man svælge, hvilken én skal man dog vælge Haps haps haps, prøv en KOMBO snaps   Haps haps haps – valnød i din snaps Den har fået én på nøden, varmer godt, gir kinder gløden Fås med kop – skål og bottoms up!   Haps haps haps – ræven løs vi slap For med rævesovs i glasset, blir du skør og ter dig tosset jul er cool – du blir ræve-fuld    Haps haps haps – frisk på mynte-klaps?  Der er smæk på pebermynte, snemanden på bunden pynte lad det sne – mistelten succes!   Haps haps haps – cowboys og kollaps tag en tår med kenya-bønne, fra Prolog som dig vil sende  højt til hest – spar (op) til julefest!   Haps haps haps – sæt ild til din snaps. Jalapenos gir den varme , som med gran blir fyr og flamme stærk og go – styrker juletro.   Haps haps haps – sukkerlagret snaps Snapsen har vi svøbt i lilla – Karamel som du blir fuld af Blød som smør – smager gør dig ør!   Haps haps haps – julemand i snaps. Smagen den er ikke liret, men med nissen den er gearet ryst den godt – sølv gør julen flot!   Snaps snaps snaps, vi fra KOMBO haps Julen ja den star for døren, skønne snapse smag for søren Haps haps haps – prøv en KOMBO snaps   Besides the song on the window, it will feature our collaborative logo and opening times – most hand painted to emphasise the handmade and crafted theme.     POPUP SHOP and OPENING TIMES   To make the snaps as accessible as possible, the popup shop will be open weekdays from 7am to 6pm and in weekends from 9am to 6pm. If you choose to get here early, then don’t worry; the Prolog guys will have their beans and machinery ready for brewing.   Address:   Aalborg BASIS X I’m a KOMBO C/O Prolog Coffee Bar Høkerboderne 16 1720 Copenhagen V Denmark     DIY and EVENTS   As written before, each I’m a KOMBO X Aalborg BASIS snaps purchase will trigger a blank untouched BASIS for you to mix up at home. If you need further inspiration, visit their site for other quicker ways of creating your own tasty snaps. And if you follow their FaceBook, tickets for snaps master classes and workshops here in our kitchen will be featured shortly.     COLLABORATORS and THANK YOU!   Thank you, Aalborg, for being gutsy enough to work with us. It’s been a widespread collaboration, not only between the two of us but with loads of different contributors. Some of them have broadened our horizon and others of them have been a pain in the ass at times. But all in all; thanks to you all. It’s stuff like this we (I’m a KOMBO / Co’ KOMBO) love to do and stuff like this that we believe makes it more fun to socialise. Thanks, Maya Leroy, for spending not only your past months in Denmark with us, but also to spend it like a true Dane with snaps. Thanks to all of you who have been helping, producing, selling and such.   SKÅL
The Social Act #15
The Social Act is our way of challenging and interpreting the tradition of modern cooking. By looking at and collaborating with other creatives, it is our ambition to reintroduce the guest as a participant of the meal and consequently restore the social space of the meal.     This time we went high and low at the same time, introducing our new look at the way we prensent and think food. High refers to craft, luxury and attention to detail whereas low is all about honest cooking and great quality produce. We also messed about with Frej, Indra, chaac and their weather god friends and made it rain, creating a warm welcoming social space as our guests joined us for dinner. Next up (TSA #16) is in February 17’   – please book your ticket here #seeyousoon     The menu Rainy welcome by Royal Ø with bacon pops World’s best croutons 2.0 and homemade fresh cheese in black and white A glass of Champagne Oyster mushrooms grown in coffee grounds D.I.Y with lightly poached Venø Oysters Self-service trolley full of drinks Tart of creamed mushrooms with mushroom boullion ‘Hygge’ at the bonfire, twisted bread, sausages and rosehip ketchup A pot full of butter cooked pumpkin and a wafer topped with caviar Beef pastrami with vinaigrette of aged fat and pickled mustard seeds. Popcorn grits Epilogue by Prolog Coffee Bar. Nano Chala beans and craftsmanship Sweet chaud-froid and printed Latte Art Goodbye at the KOMBO Döner Shop counter. 2GO session   Photos by Kasper Ponker Video by Tim Panduro
I’m a KOMBO x Wild Things take-over 
It’s never boring to eat, drink and hang in Berlin. Some visits ago, we found ourselves drinking natural wines at the newly opened wine bar Wild Things and as the bottles got empt, we ended up getting drunk and as the atmosphere got intimate we made friends with the owner, – a Mexican dude named Ramses. If you should love only one thing about Berlin it is that everything is do-able and few ideas will get lost in paperwork. It seems as if you can open a coffee shop if you have a coffee machine and a bar if you have a case of beers. This was proven to be true when asking Ramses if we could borrow his bar a month later. He promptly replied ‘yes’ and a few emails later we found ourselves setting up and inviting guests through the doors.   Thanks for making this so easy. We will be back!   Note: Wild things is the little sister of a tasty and cool restaurant around the corner called Industry Standard. We’re lucky to have eaten there and we highly recommend you to do the same.
I’m a KOMBO Distortion party launch lunch
  In collaboration with Royal Ø, Distortion and Aalborg Akvavit, we had the pleasure of inviting Copenhageners to a communal lunch at the historical Vor Frue Plads in the city center. As always, our ambition was to turn strangers into friends through action and interaction. We had designed the experience based on the modular concept of traditional Danish ’smørrebrød’, but deconstructed it in a way leaving room for personal preferences, coincidence and dialogue. And as you would expect for such a treat, we stocked lots of ice cold beers and I’m a KOMBO flavoured snaps to go with each bite. Photos by Hazel Evans Mad About Copenhagen
Two nights with Kvadrat in Milan
  Once again, we collaborated with Kvadrat and 6UP productions, creating an eating experience at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. This time the location was the local craft beer brewery Birrificio Milano. We combined the usual sit-down dinner traditions with a mingle room centered around a large antique tasting table, where we served snacks created to be eaten with the brewery’s selection of tasty beers. This way of serving dinner, established a great energetic flow and secured that the busy design week audience were able to speak and interact as they pleased. Looking forward to be cooking in Milan again soon.
I’m a KOMBO goes to Paris
  Returning to Paris is always a great pleasure. This time we collaborated with 6UP, creating a unique and memorable eating experience for PUIG. We were inspired by the sensory elements of the new Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance. Luckily, our company values matched perfectly and without compromising, we turned our focus to their contrast filled universe of high/low. With this in mind, we created a lab like classic French bistro with flavours and techniques ranging from molecular gastronomy to the traditional and tasty gastronomy of ‘La France’. And what a combo this was!   Photos by Anita Leung
  Photos by Zoe Spawton   Once again, we were invited to join our friends at the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin. Popping up and visiting friends abroad is one of our ways of challenging and interpreting the tradition of modern cooking. By looking at and collaborating with other creatives, it is our ambition to reintroduce the guest as a participant of the meal and consequently restore the social space of the meal.   We set up the popup döner shop in the courtyard cooking alongside Alan Micks, creating a menu based on how we previously have experienced the streets of Berlin, twisting and bending a well known food design into something not only (hopefully) refined and tastier, but also more fun, inspired by the great and familiar atmosphere at this special place. It was like coming home to a house you have never been in before… We have successfully been working and cooking on the kebab for a while, and we have decided to introduce the concept to our ‘ready-made’ catering concepts, so if you get the munchies, don’t hesitate to get in touch.   This time, we served freshly baked ramson flatbreads ‘Arab style’. Sweet salted organic chicken on the kebab. Salad du jour of fresh seasonal leaves and greens sourced at the local markets. Seafood salad of black lobster with cucumber broken gel. And a flavor pharmacy with four different toppings that guests dressed their kebabs with as the ate. For drinks, we mixed up some Ayran and served it carbonated on kegs. For sweets, we had brought along our fennel seed marshmallows DIY, which guests BBQ-ed themselves on bonfires.
I’m a KOMBO proudly presents Prolog Coffee Bar
On the 7th of March Jonas Gehl and Sebastian Quistorff moved into our beloved Nibbleshop with their ambitious special made coffee concept: Prolog Coffee Shop. This is the beginning of an exciting collaboration between two young coffee geeks with entrepreneurial blood and I’m a KOMBO. So now Copenhageners will be able to enjoy a coffee experience in new settings based not solely on passion and experience within the areas of coffee, food and good hosting skills – but also on lifelong dedication that doesn’t leave much to chance. The ambition behind Prolog is to create a good experience from start to finish in order to create and maintain a special atmosphere in the encounter with and in-between guests. Among other things, this makes Prolog fit perfectly as the new resident in I’m a KOMBO’s place, as the philosophy of creating the best possible experience for their guests is a recurring theme in both companies. Besides the fact that the coffee will taste absolutely fantastic, it is equally essential for the boys behind Prolog that you can sense their presence when drinking their coffee. Therefore, the guys select and roast the coffee beans themselves so that each cup of coffee is personal and holds them as the senders; both as professional baristas, but also as two passionate people who want to create something unique and “make everyday life a little better for their guests”. As “crema on the espresso “ there will be a selection of exquisite snacks in Nibble, which I’m a KOMBO will create. In addition to new innovative snacks and sweets, you get to taste I’m a KOMBO’s freshly baked anise cookies or have a piece of home baked crispbread topped with humus, cottage cheese, Nutella or mature comté. Prolog is located in the meatpacking district at Høkerboderne 16 and we’re open all weekdays from 7.00 AM – 6:00 PM and in weekends from 8:00 AM -5:00 PM. #seeyousoon