Food design

This is about cooking on the desktop. It’s what we do, when we are not running around the kitchen. We think of food, the way it is eaten and we create tailor made concepts for you to use in your own business or just experience and enjoy. We sell out, giving all the best suitable ideas we got, because something new is always going to come.  There is a lot of ways of doing this and most importantly no way of boiling them down. Every inquirer is unique, so be kind to contact us, if you want something done.  We curiously await your request.



I’m a KOMBOs snapsegilde

A journal of making – DIY snaps (schnapps) Aalborg BASIS X I’m a KOMBO


The Social Act #15

The Social Act is our way of challenging and interpreting the tradition of modern


I’m a KOMBO x Wild Things take-over 

It’s never boring to eat, drink and hang in Berlin. Some visits ago, we