I’m a KOMBO on TV

If you are wondering what we do and who we are, this is a great start. Thanks to Crane TV for doing this.

‪Danish Dinning – I’m a Kombo ‬
“Bo Lindegaard and Lasse Askov met in culinary school where they admit to initially hating each other. Thankfully, they managed to patch things up and now work on various projects under the banner of I’m a Kombo. The Social Act is their latest venture, which launched in March. Less pop-up and more part-time restaurant, The Social Act will host a handful of dinner parties to a 14-person guest list every two months throughout the year. Crane.tv was lucky enough to be invited to the first dinner held in their new studio and kitchen space in Copenhagen. The menu, incorporating all of their food values, served up the perfect combination of playful and perfectly crafted dishes. The two chefs are known for taking their dining experiences on traveling roadshows so look out for them in your city.