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I’m a KOMBO proudly presents Prolog Coffee Bar | I'm A Kombo

I’m a KOMBO proudly presents Prolog Coffee Bar

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On the 7th of March Jonas Gehl and Sebastian Quistorff moved into our beloved Nibbleshop with their ambitious special made coffee concept: Prolog Coffee Shop. This is the beginning of an exciting collaboration between two young coffee geeks with entrepreneurial blood and I’m a KOMBO. So now Copenhageners will be able to enjoy a coffee experience in new settings based not solely on passion and experience within the areas of coffee, food and good hosting skills – but also on lifelong dedication that doesn’t leave much to chance.

The ambition behind Prolog is to create a good experience from start to finish in order to create and maintain a special atmosphere in the encounter with and in-between guests. Among other things, this makes Prolog fit perfectly as the new resident in I’m a KOMBO’s place, as the philosophy of creating the best possible experience for their guests is a recurring theme in both companies.

Besides the fact that the coffee will taste absolutely fantastic, it is equally essential for the boys behind Prolog that you can sense their presence when drinking their coffee. Therefore, the guys select and roast the coffee beans themselves so that each cup of coffee is personal and holds them as the senders; both as professional baristas, but also as two passionate people who want to create something unique and “make everyday life a little better for their guests”.

As “crema on the espresso “ there will be a selection of exquisite snacks in Nibble, which I’m a KOMBO will create. In addition to new innovative snacks and sweets, you get to taste I’m a KOMBO’s freshly baked anise cookies or have a piece of home baked crispbread topped with humus, cottage cheese, Nutella or mature comté.

Prolog is located in the meatpacking district at Høkerboderne 16 and we’re 
open all weekdays from 7.00 AM – 6:00 PM and in weekends from 8:00 AM -5:00 PM. #seeyousoon