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I’m a KOMBO x Wild Things take-over  | I'm A Kombo

I’m a KOMBO x Wild Things take-over 


It’s never boring to eat, drink and hang in Berlin. Some visits ago, we found ourselves drinking natural wines at the newly opened wine bar Wild Things and as the bottles got empt, we ended up getting drunk and as the atmosphere got intimate we made friends with the owner, – a Mexican dude named Ramses.

If you should love only one thing about Berlin it is that everything is do-able and few ideas will get lost in paperwork. It seems as if you can open a coffee shop if you have a coffee machine and a bar if you have a case of beers. This was proven to be true when asking Ramses if we could borrow his bar a month later. He promptly replied ‘yes’ and a few emails later we found ourselves setting up and inviting guests through the doors.


Thanks for making this so easy. We will be back!


Note: Wild things is the little sister of a tasty and cool restaurant around the corner called Industry Standard. We’re lucky to have eaten there and we highly recommend you to do the same.