I’m a KOMBO is our name. I´m a describes what we are – we are what we eat. KOMBO refers to the combination of tasteful skills and limitless imagination – the experience you get when eating (with) us. The kitchen is the heart of our world – this is where we peel, scrub, cut, fry and roast to eventually construct the substance of a meal. The serving of our meal to you is the achievement of hard ambitious work and defines why we do, what we do.

We are dedicated in our research of forms and imaginative expressions, to explore the act of mealing. We do it while respectfully acknowledging the fundamental value of pure technical skills – here our world begins, this is how we do it.
Combining skills and imagination from our perspective, we construct a dreamingly landscape in the space that occurs when reality and expectations clash, continuously in a stage of becoming – here our world evolves, this is what we do.
Inviting You to enter, making you feel comfortably strange, bending your angle just a bit, we hope to change your world of tomorrow – here our world affects, this is why we do it.

Biography Lasse Askov:
Born: 1981 in Assens, Denmark
Education: 2002 Danish Cooking School (HRS)
Trained: Krogs Fiske Restaurant
Headchef: 2003-5 Restaurant Extra, 2005-8 Restaurant Kokkeriet, gaining a Michelin Star.
Founder: 2008 Marengs Consulting, 2010 I’m a KOMBO, 2014 NIBBLE
Gastronomical partner: 2010 42Raw, 2012 Restaurant Congo

Biography Bo Lindegaard:
1978 in Gentofte, Denmark
Education: 2003 Danish Cooking School (HRS)
Trained: L’Escargot (UK), Formel B, Restaurant Den Gule Cottage
Headchef: 2003 Restaurant Jacobsen, 2004 Restaurant Kokkeriet, 2005 Restaurant Den Gule Cottage,
2006-7 Madeleines Madteater (& creative director),
Founder: 2008 KOMBO’S, 2010 I’m a KOMBO, 2014 NIBBLE
Gastronomical partner: 2010 42Raw, 2012 Restaurant Congo

Our name: I´m a kombo ApS (CVR.32769608).
Our studio: Høkerboderne 12 & 16 – 1720 Copenhagen V
Voice & mail: Lasse +45 40975134 /
Voice & mail: Bo +45 61662520 /


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