Mikkeller + I’m A Kombo Cucumber Witbier

Finally we got our own beer! It’s brewed in Belgium on De Proef by Mikkeller.


Designing the beer, we asked ourselves questions like: which style? what flavor? why? and so on, but the one thing we kept repeating was how? How would the beer get consumed and how would we contribute to that experience. It

didn’t take long before we agreed that no concept could beat the ‘lime in Corona’ concept that we are all familiar with. So instead of trying to do that, we decided to praise the inventor and at the same time have a little fun.


So that’s how the Cucumber Cap D.I.Y was born. A concept that compliments the beer’s natural flavor and at the same time functions as a base for a traditional canapée. It allows the servant to add an eating experience, a nice surprise and a laugh when handing over the beer. We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it.


Taste notes.


“Hazy golden brew with a fine lasting white head poured from a fine small fat german style bottle – the first Mikkeller in this kind of bottle as far as we know.”


At first, we must admit, we didn’t follow the serving directions as described on the label. Here it said that it was supposed to be served along with salty cucumbers….. we didn’t have any.


Even though we couldn’t match it with a real cucumber, we definitely got a cucumber bitch slap through the aroma. It was packed with cucumber. Along with that, the aroma had some floral and malty sweetness.


The taste is rather sweet and as a rare thing, the vegetable touch actually suits the beer. We get a faint impression of Christmas and think of cloves, oranges and parabola.


It has a soft mouth feel that goes very well with the sweetness and ends op with a dry finish.


We really like this beer. It is a very different beer, and we can’t think of a beer to compare it directly with. It is very drinkable and a true thirst killer.”


Cheers! – get hold of it in Nibble or through the Mikkeller web-shop



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