Picnic at Tempelhoff

After stuffing two cars with everything from live lobster to sumo wrestling suits, we drove down to sunny Berlin, where we had pinpointed the old Flughafen Berlin-Tempelhoff, (a closed airfield in the Neukölln suburb) as our event destination. Just after we finished setting up for a picnic deluxe, our clients, who are also great friends from the Danish restaurant mastodont Madklubben, arrived happily and ready for a day out. We had planned a full day of fun, starting with lighting fires with nothing but sticks ‘medieval style’ and spontaneous ball games.
As soon as the fires were lit and ready, we placed ice filled boxes of seafood, freshly baked warm breads, seasonal greens and fresh herbs, homemade dips and dressings on the grass and told them to get dirty cooking each other a tasty lunch. And as the lobsters, oysters, greens and Waygu beef sizzled away on the BBQs, people lay scattered on the landing field, sipping chilled rosé and downing local German beers straight out the bottle. Sunburned, tipsy and pleased, we finished off the day in sumo wrestling suits battling each other, all struggling to being the last man standing.