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The KOMBO Döner SHOP | I'm A Kombo


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Photos by Zoe Spawton

Once again, we were invited to join our friends at the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin. Popping up and visiting friends abroad is one of our ways of challenging and interpreting the tradition of modern cooking. By looking at and collaborating with other creatives, it is our ambition to reintroduce the guest as a participant of the meal and consequently restore the social space of the meal.


We set up the popup döner shop in the courtyard cooking alongside Alan Micks, creating a menu based on how we previously have experienced the streets of Berlin, twisting and bending a well known food design into something not only (hopefully) refined and tastier, but also more fun, inspired by the great and familiar atmosphere at this special place. It was like coming home to a house you have never been in before…
We have successfully been working and cooking on the kebab for a while, and we have decided to introduce the concept to our ‘ready-made’ catering concepts, so if you get the munchies, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


This time, we served freshly baked ramson flatbreads ‘Arab style’. Sweet salted organic chicken on the kebab. Salad du jour of fresh seasonal leaves and greens sourced at the local markets. Seafood salad of black lobster with cucumber broken gel. And a flavor pharmacy with four different toppings that guests dressed their kebabs with as the ate. For drinks, we mixed up some Ayran and served it carbonated on kegs. For sweets, we had brought along our fennel seed marshmallows DIY, which guests BBQ-ed themselves on bonfires.